Project-based learning improves student performance.

If you've struggled to implement project-based learning in the classroom or you're looking for tools and strategies to effectively use project-based learning in your school, 

you are in the right place.

Classroom teachers and school administrators from across the country have finally mastered project-based learning using the techniques I share in this online course.
This is your chance to get the training and support you need to effectively implement project-based learning in your classroom.

The Project-Based Learning Certificate

Our program is for classroom teachers and school administrators. The goal of the program is to help teachers understand how project based learning works, create their first project, and fully implement project based learning through the student learning experience.

Hi I’m Dr. Jennifer Pieratt.

I’m an educator, parent and small business owner in Southern California who is passionate about creating engaging learning experiences for students. I was a founding staff member at a High Tech High School and I spent 10 years in the classroom teaching grades 5-10. After leaving the classroom I worked for 2 national companies, Buck Institute for Education and New Tech Network, supporting teachers with Project Based Learning, and school and district leaders with PBl implementation. I created this online course to help you and your teachers engage your students in project-based learning.


Project-Based Learning Teacher Certificate Program

The PBL Certificate is a comprehensive online program designed to help classroom teachers and school administrators understand and implement project based learning. The course focuses on the creation of one ideal project, walking you through each of the phases of project based learning so you have a process you can follow each and every time with your students.

I am so glad you are looking for a resource to develop engaging learning experiences for your students, and to develop your craft.

I truly believe this will be an incredible tool for you!


Here's What You'll Receive In This Course:

Engage Students

In this course you will become familiar with the basic steps of designing a project, which is a form of teaching and learning that is currently gaining mainstream traction and interest, internationally. It will provide you with concrete steps for lesson and project planning!

Enhance Learning

The course provides samples, for multiple ages, of projects, their benchmarks, and assessments. The examples and projects you will create can open the door to other exciting opportunities.

Build Projects

We will also debunk common PBL myths that often scare teachers.  You'll have a chance to preview models and resources for teachers to see what quality projects look like in the design phase. Many lessons will include resources to utilize as your go through the course.

"Encinitas Union School District sought out Jenny and CraftEd to help us take our project based learning to a new level. I can honestly say every participant from principals, to teachers to Teachers On Special Assignment grew in their understanding, confidence and toolbox surrounding design thinking and project based learning. I particularly appreciated the modeling of research based practices in every session! I feel like our work with Jenny has helped to re-energize our team, as well as improve the quality of our PBL units!"

Andrée Grey
Assistant Superintendent Educational Services, Encinitas Union School District

"Jenny Pieratt was instrumental in shaping our school. She used innovative strategies to challenge our staff to look inward and reflect deeply on our teaching practices. She aided in cultivating a culture of critique at our school site that has been foundational for deeper learning. Her guidance has made us a better school."

Randy Hollenkamp
Bulldog Tech, San Jose, CA

"Jenny’s passion for developing professional learning opportunities that not only push your thinking and growth, but also empowering and inspiring, are contagious. I am a big advocate on starting with the “learner”, and moving backwards from there, and Jenny has shown a commitment to make that a focus in the experiences she is creating for those that she serves."

George Couros
Author Innovator’s Mindset

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Ready to take your students deeper?

So if you’re a classroom teacher looking for a new way to engage your students with projects but you aren’t sure where to start or you’re skeptical about project based learning but you’re willing to give it a try, the Project Based Learning Certification Training Program can help you.


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