TEMPER is not an incurable disease but a treatable condition.


The TEMPER TOOLKIT is a collection of practical strategies, honest stories, and Biblical resources from one mom to another to help you take control of your temper BEFORE you lose it.

From Lisa-Jo Baker, author of Surprised by Motherhood.
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Over the last three years at conferences across the country Lisa-Jo has taught thousands of moms how to take control of their tempers. And what she’s heard over and over was that so many women were nervous to even admit that they were coming to her session.

Admitting that we moms struggle with temper tantrums of our own is super vulnerable. Lisa-Jo gets that. She’s lived that. 

And yet – if the number of women who attended her workshops is anything to go by – clearly temper IS an issue for us moms. And it’s time to start talking about it if we want to have any hope of beating it.

What you don’t need is more guilt. What you need are the tools to help get you through.

That’s why Lisa-Jo created the Temper Toolkit -- a collection of all her practical strategies, honest stories, and Biblical resources from one mom to another to help you take control of your temper BEFORE you lose it. She has packaged up everything she’s learned over the last decade of parenting, and what she teaches at her workshops so that you can put it into practice in your own homes.

Now’s the time to take real life action for real life change.


Here are the topics we'll cover to help you take control of your temper.


Introduction: I promise you’re not the only mom who feels like this!

After a decade of parenting there’s very little that can surprise me any more. I’m guessing we have a lot in common. And my plan is to share all my real honest, real life stories to help you feel better about your own. Because I promise you’re not the only one who’s done this.

1: The one thing you can stop feeling guilty about right now

We’ll dig into some stories in the Bible to help you drop what I hope is a good few pounds of mother guilt when it comes our struggle with temper.

2: Discovering the roots of our anger

It’s impossible to tame a temper that constantly takes you by surprise. Together we’ll trace where our anger comes from and what we can do about it.

3: The one simple scheduling trick to help you tame your temper

Busy moms juggle busy schedules. But this is the one thing we usually forget. And it’s the one thing that can make all the difference.

4: What to do when parenting feels like a hostage negotiation crisis

Nothing is more exhausting than negotiating with mini dictators. Here’s how I quit that special kind of crazy and took back control of our home.

5: Why having a bad day doesn’t make you a bad mom

There’s a simple fact about parenting that is often missed. But it can make or break your perspective on what kind of mom you are growing up to be. We’ll identify and embrace this unique perspective that changes how we see ourselves.

6. What to do when your temper has nothing to do with being angry

Anger isn’t the only reason we might lose our tempers. There are other emotions that come disguised as temper. And we need to learn how to recognize them and what to do with them. Especially this one.

7. So you lost your temper, what comes next?

It’s gonna happen. Because none of us are perfect. It’s what you do next that matters most. And after, “I love you” these might be the most important words we say to our kids.

JOIN NOW FOR ONLY $59 (only available until December 1, 2020)
Here's what other busy moms had to say about The Temper Toolkit:

This course couldn’t be more timely for me as I’m learning to better love my five-going-on-fifteen girl and almost two-year-old boy with huge, wild feelings he doesn’t have the words to express yet. I loved the length of the videos and especially the recap at the end of each capsule that drives the main message home. I loved the relatable real-life examples, as always, and the supporting scriptures. Every mama needs the kind of friend like Lisa-Jo who has been there and done that. This dose of grace is an excellent reminder to mothers that they aren’t alone—even in their banshee moments.

-Laurie Tomlinson

Lisa-Jo Baker is the real deal. The Temper Toolkit is a biblically sound, desperately relevant lifeline of hope for every mom who feels like she is flailing with anger and floundering in motherhood.

-Becky Keife

If you are worn out from hiding, or stuffing, or feeling guilty about your anger, then you need to check out Lisa-Jo Baker's Temper Toolkit. It is brilliantly transparent. You won't find your temper too big or strong for the help that she provides. It is not often something this honest and helpful comes along for mothers. I can't wait to send this as a gift to some of my new mom friends. I have been able to adjust some of my own tendencies and perspectives on my children and all of our big loud emotions after going through this toolkit.

-Emily Leigh

I have 5 kids 11 yrs old and under. At least 2 of the 5 children push my temper-buttons in fierce, repetitive ways every day because they have BIG feelings. Lisa-Jo's raw honesty, God-centered perspective, and practical tools brought tears to my eyes and I have a new fire in me to love my kids better. SO grateful.

-Elise Hurd

What a wonderfully practical, super encouraging resource for moms (and dads too)! Lisa-Jo unpacks anger in such a kind and completely relatable way. There is something in this course for everyone – whether you’re struggling through toddler temper tantrums or middle school meltdowns or your own exhaustion-induced irritation – the tools in this course are sure to encourage your heart and give you courage to continue the great mission we’ve been given as parents to shape our kids hearts and leave a lasting legacy of faith in their lives.

-Jennifer Tucker

JOIN NOW FOR ONLY $59 (only available until December 1, 2020)


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